Cycling, Running, Swimming, Weight Training

Losing weight takes a lot of determination and sheer strength. Melting very stubborn body fat needs some form of cardiovascular exercise. Cycling, Running, Swimming, Weight Training and so on have been the go to forms of exercises for this purpose.

The real question is, which of these exercises gives you the best result? The answer to this question has been a subject of debate as different health experts have come up with different theories with facts why one exercise is better than the other.

The truth is, different factors actually determine how much weight you lose and the result you get. First of all intensity of the exercise determines how each exercise works; higher intensity means, burning off calories, which ultimately translates to losing weight faster.

To get a better understanding on how these work, it is important to look at each exercise properly:


Cycling is a great way of burning off extra calories of body fats. According to a Harvard research on indoor cycling, a 125 pounds person can lose about 210 calories cycling for thirty minutes; a 155 pounds heavy person can burn as much as 260 calories, while a 185 pound individual can lose 311 calories during the same time frame.

For an hour cycling exercise; it is 420, 520 and 622 calories for a 125, 155 and 185 pound individual respectively. This research shows that cycling is a great exercise for weight loss.


This is one very popular exercise used all over the world to lose weight. A lot of research has been carried out to know how much calories can be burnt during the running exercise.

The result shows that running a mile burns off 100 calories. An average runner covers a mile in 10 minutes making it an exercise that burns an average of 300 calories for a thirty minutes run and 600 calories for an hour run.

The great thing is that it does not matter on how fast you run, what matters is the distance covered.


Swimming is so much fun and a form of losing weight too. This exercise looks less intimidating than the others, but it is one of the best means of losing weight easily. A 130 pound person swimming freestyle at a moderate pace will burn 413 calories, a 155 pound individual will burn 493 and a 180 pound person will burn an average of 572 calories per hour.

A swimmer will burn an average of 585,540 and 785 calories swimming, at a moderate pace, in breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly styles.

Weight Training

Weight Training is a great way to lose weight, tighten and sculpt the body while losing weight. According to same Harvard school research, a 125 pound person will burn an average of 180 calories, a 155 pound individual will burn 224 calories and a 185 pound person will lose 226 calories per hour of weight lifting.

In conclusion, after looking at the number of calories burned per hour for these exercises, it’s correct to say running and swimming help in burning more calories than other exercises. No wonder they are exercises a lot of people are keen on indulging in plus taking the best legal steroids anabolics to enhance thier workout golas and desires.