Production of testosterone in the human body

Using testosterone boosters is a very important thing for those people who have low levels of this compound. It is also an element which is greatly needed by body builders and also enhancing the strength of athletes. With this compound, it can help to increase their muscle growth. With this compound, it can help them to endure. This is why many people who engage in athletic activities and bodybuilding exercises.

For those who aren’t in the category of sportsmen, these males use this compound to enhance their male characteristics. The creation of testosterone is done by the Leydig cells found in the testes. When a hormone is produced in any part of the body, it travels to the rest of the body via the bloodstream. Testosterone has a number of effects to the body.

Physiological effects of testosterone in the body

Throughout its life, testosterone affects the human body right from the time of conception up to adulthood. Within a period of between 4 to 6 weeks after conception, this hormone in the body will develop characteristics such as seminal vesicles as well as genital virilization such as phallic enlargement and phallic urethra. After a male child has been born, the level of testosterone remain high such as a boy who is in puberty. It has proven that the high levels of this hormone is among the causes the masculinization of the male brain.

Muscle tissue growth

The speed and quality of muscle tissue in the body is also affected by testosterone in men. Much of brain activity is also affected by the levels of this hormone in the body such as learning skills and memory. During the puberty stage, this hormone is the one which brings changes such as growth of pubic hair as well as deepening the voice pitch. The appearance of the Adam’s apple is also affected by testosterone in the body.

Role of testosterone in personality and behavior

This hormone in the body affects the entire system and all the functioning of the organs. This is the reason why you find the brain being affected by it and for this reason, you will find the compound affecting a person’s behavior. It has been proven that testosterone in the body can affect financial decisions, career choices as well as associated risk taking. This hormone is also known to affect aggressiveness in human beings.

Various effects of testosterone in health

There are many beneficial effects that this compound has on men. It has been to maintain cardiovascular health and has also been seen to minimize the chances of a heart attack. It also helps to reduce chances of high blood pressure and obesity as well. If one has low levels of testosterone in the body, then is likely to have low libido as well as decreased strength and bone mass.