What Is The Best Grey Hair Cure

Gray Hair CureOne of the greatest concerns of modernity is grey hair, not only because it’s associated with the other greater concern of aging, but because recent statistics have revealed that it could be linked to more severe health conditions such as stroke.

In order to properly understand the dynamics associated with grey hair, it’s important to first identify the main causes. These causes are lack of essential nutrients which include:vitamin A and B group Vitamins and the minerals zinc, copper and iron.

Having understood the root causes of this phenomenon, then the question ‘what is the best grey hair cure?’ can be tackled conclusively. The following therefore are the cures.

Liquid Colloidal Mineral Supplements
This is the first and the most natural way of curing grey hair. These minerals contain all the mineral combinations required by the body in a highly absorbable form, making it the best remedy for grey hair.
In addition to these minerals, extra colloidal paper is highly recommended since it serves not only to restore the black pigmentation but also to maintain arterial walls, the absence of which may lead to a condition referred to as elastic fibre breakdown. This condition may result in the ballooning of the blood vessels, which may in effect result in severe cases of stroke or death.

Black Strap Molasses
Black strap molasses has been known to contain essential grey hair remedies in the form of essential vitamins and minerals as well as Fo-ti herb.
By many accounts, Fo-ti herb is highly effective in grey hair reversal and with it, one can either take supplements,buy it as tea or better still, buy the roots from which to obtain tea everyday.

Cereal Grasses
The last but not the least cure for grey hair is cereal grasses. These grasses, such as barley and wheat grass, are rich in minerals responsible for grey hair reversal such as zinc, copper, iron and silica, as well as the A and B group vitamins which are responsible for the same. Having been over the years recommended as remedies for constipation, it has now emerged that these grasses do not only ensure a perfect bowel condition, but also maintain the good old look of the natural hair.

In conclusion, it is evident that a good cure for grey hair is one that works both on the outside and the inside. This is why natural remedies are recommended for grey hair recession as opposed to the artificial or industrial products.