What’s the Difference Between Netherlands Hemp and American Hemp For CBD Oil?

The Dutch People Have Been Farming Hemp For Centuries


CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant and is used for a wide variety of applications and is known for its health benefits for treating chronic pain, diabetes, alcoholism, depression, anxiety and other disorders.

However, since the hemp plant from which Cbd oil is derived is banned from growing in most U.S. states and other countries, there isn’t a lot of reliable information available on what organic farm is the best and why.

Before selecting a brand of CBD oil, it is highly recommended that the buyer understand the difference between Netherlands, (European) hemp plants and that grown elsewhere, especially in the United States.

The significant differences between the hemp grown in the United States and Netherlands, are listed below:

  • -Though Netherlands and the United States are the main places for the cultivation of cannabis, Netherlands has been the pioneer in the advancement of cannabis or hemp plant, and it is legally allowed, on a large scale.
  • -In the United States, only a few states have recently allowed hemp plants to be grown for medical use on a small scale.
  • – Since the legal cultivation of hemp plants are allowed in Netherlands and Europe, due to the European Union, more money can be openly invested in research without any harassment or law evasion.
  • – The united states had banned all varieties of cannabis cultivation, cannabis sativa (industrial hemp) as well as cannabis sativa indicia (marijuana) which is used for making recreational drugs, while in Europe cultivation of industrial hemp is allowed, so hemp plants for CBD are readily and legally available.
  • – In the Netherlands owning and growing cannabis seeds is legal, so many cannabis growers have their own seed banks. Thus the ability to develop new seed varieties for producing better quality CBD oil. In the United States, owning cannabis seeds is illegal, so most cannabis growers have their private seed bank, which they have to keep secret.
  • – As there are no legal restrictions on keeping and growing cannabis seeds in Netherlands, new varieties of cannabis seeds like the auto-flowering and feminized varieties have been developed.

So it concludes that hemp imported from the Netherlands is much better for producing pure full spectrum CBD then that grow here in the U.S.  Upon reading the review on pure science labs , we discovered that their tinctures are processed using medical co2 (instead of alcohol) and derived from feminized seeds which are imported from The Netherlands (Europe) only. Hemp cuttings are also used for extracting the therapeutic oils.

  • – The Europeans are using white boxes for cannabis cultivation which tend to reflect light better than the silver lined boxed which the Americans are using for indoor cultivation , resulting in better growth.

This ensures that most if not all of the cbd oil and related CBD products derived from Netherlands cannabis hemp are of better quality for producing full spectrum CBD tinctures